hey, how's your rash doing?joshifer; otp. my nightmares are usually about losing you.

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We’re still in the game.


Cannes 2014



A bit blurry, but my favorite photo I took from TIFF. I love his face :)

Love that our security guard friend made it into this

mnelson1994: Had the pleasure of getting to know Josh Hutcherson over the last few days. Besides being a great actor he is also one of the biggest celebrity advocates for LGBT rights. He helped co-found an amazing organization called Straight But Not Narrow which allies the straight and LGBT communities to help bridge the gap between them and fight stereotypes associated with labeling sexual orientation. It’s a very cool organization and I encourage everyone to visit straightbutnotnarrow.org to see what the organization is all about and how you can get involved. #BeTrue #SBNN