hey, how's your rash doing?joshifer; otp. my nightmares are usually about losing you.

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rever—mieux replied to your post “Are you french ? Because i am french canadian ! maybe I got confused somehow but do you speak french?:)”

Cool :) tu penses retourner en France ?

Chez pas, je regarde des universités à Paris mes je ne sais pas si je pouvais retourner vivre en France pour une grand partie de ma vie 

Got a prompt for ya! What about Josh finding out about Jen's split with Nick? Or something like that

I’m kind of scared of doing something like this because:

1. Nothing has been confirmed about NH and Jen. All we have is speculation and I don’t want to cause drama.

2. I don’t want to starting being one of those people who think of conspiracy theories 


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You're seriously so polite it's so nice to see considerate people because it seems like some people are going too crazy for my liking lol

Going too crazy? Yet again, I find myself confused, but hey, what else is new? lol but seriously, I’m not sure exactly why but this practically made my day. LY anon!

Are you french ? Because i am french canadian ! maybe I got confused somehow but do you speak french?:)

Bien ouaiiiiiiiiis! My mom is French and it’s my first language. 

what kind of prompts are you looking for??

Hmm… something fluffy? But then again, I always like fluff so… lol 

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Britain might have to go on lockdown omfg

???? Why?

Ebola virus is starting to be a bigger threat and its a big killer. So, they want to prevent it coming in and out of the country otherwise the deaths will raise

Yeah, we’ve been covering it all over the news - it’s spreading like crazy 

I am confused too now haha ! Do as you wish love


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I meant recent news yes :) like josh being there for her or something ! Whatever you want!

Wait I’m confused still - like Jen’s possible break up with NH? I’m not sure if I want to do that under the fear of being attacked by non-joshifer shippers… 

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